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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Carry On

I've done my best to limit this particular blog to my dealings with the inhabitants of the mansion house. Today I'm talking about something I read. It may be slightly less entertaining, but I thought it appropriate considering that I talk so much about working towards that chromium-plated goal of full blown authorship.

It's been a strange night for me. Everything has been still and silent. There were no shenanigans from Beezle to start with, but the night also had that kind of strange quiet that makes the ticking of the clock boom in your ears. In the loud silence found it difficult to sleep, so I read a post in a good friend's blog wherein he discusses book covers. (By the way, Nathan's always got something interesting to say. Check out http://nathanmajor.blogspot.com/)

I started thumbing through my bookshelf looking for a book with a great cover to link to his post. Instead, I found a favorite book with a cover that would never entice me to read the book. I was saddened, and nostalgically picked it up again. I read the whole thing in one sitting, like I always do. I think it must be my favorite book. The book is called, "Carry On, Mr. Bowditch." It was first published in 1955 as a book for young readers. The book is a dramatized biography of the life of Nathanial Bowditch.

The book starts when Nat is six and goes over all the major events of his life. From the first couple pages you really latch on to this kid, and you're rooting for him. Every step of the way he's held back from accomplishing anything he really wants in life but he never gives up. That's compounded with multiple deaths of loved ones, fear for his family's well being, and the occasional dangerous situation. He struggles for every break he gets, and he really becomes something in the end for it; When I was a kid he was my hero, and I wanted to be just like him. I still do.

Besides loving the man and his story, I've gained new appreciation for the author since I've started taking writing more seriously. The writing is clearly targeted to younger readers, but it's compelling to me as an adult. At the beginning of the book when Nat is a kid, the writing makes you feel like you're in the mind of a kid, and slowly as he gets older, the writing adapts gracefully so that you steal feel like you're in the mind of an adolescent and then of an experienced adult. You never notice a transition. THAT IS REALLY INCREDIBLY HARD TO DO. The learning curve is perfect. I know nothing about ships, but without being blatant, the book taught me enough about ships to understand what was happening and make it natural. The author, Jean Lee Latham, is talented at displaying human behavior and the way it changes, in both the protagonist and the side characters. She has a way of presenting the human spirit as noble and dignified. I never leave the book uninspired. The kicker is, that she does all of this in 250 pages. It's a quick read. Go read it. It's the best book ever.

One day I'll write something like that. First I have to learn to get to the point. Good luck me.

I think I'll go see what Wadsworth is whipping up in the kitchen. All this inspiration is making me hungry.



Beezle said...

Good afternoon Lord Secrest,

I recently stumbled upon your ramblings, and felt compelled to mention a few things.

1.)You are unimaginatively boring - even more so than I once believed.

2.)I can see from the abysmal lack of comments on any of your blog posts that you have obtained a delightfully embarrassing lack of readership. Not that I expected anything different (see 1).

3.)I am incredulous that you would represent my voice through the use of CONSTANT CAPITALIZATION; which, I have learned, is considered an atrocity in electronic communications. Just what are you trying to imply? I may be devilish, but I go about my work with style (which is more than you can say for yourself). What's more, in these - your many dry and witless autobiographical sketches - you have portrayed me as a nuisance to be ignored, placated or otherwise dealt with; much like a small child given to fits and tantrums. I assure you, Sir, that non of those options shall prove effective. You, like so many others before you, will soon learn to recognize and respect your betters.

4.)I thirst. Send Wadsworth down with some tribute, will you?

6.)If there is, infact, any sort of invisible readership following your blog, I wish it to be known that I am in the business of purchasing souls. I may be requisitioned for contracts at the following electronic mail repository: sellyoursoultobeezle@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Beezle, you have a Google profile? EPIC WIN!

Nathan Major said...

Oye Beezle, you missed 5) in your little list. Looks like you aren't as all-powerful as you think if you can't even freaking count.

Beezle said...

Mr. James,
I feel to congratulate your great wisdom, foresight, and intelligence. I may have use for a pawn of your caliber. Or, if you find that you are in need of demonic assistance, I feel inclined to offer you better bargains than usual customers in exchange for your soul. If either option is appealing to you, you may contact me via electronic mail.

Mr. N. Major,

It may shock you to know that point five was not, in fact, omitted. Rather it was written in a demonic dialect. The unnatural power of the words alone reveals itself with such stunning force that it shatters the minds of the weak, and stupid (most humans to be exact).

However, the brain matter of man is a unique and adaptive thing (what it produces is garbage of course, but the organism itself is quite remarkable). Rather than exploding, or loosing its connection with reality, as was the common reaction in previous centuries, the minds of most humans have developed an effective counter-measure. They simply ignore the existence of the symbols and continue in ignorance.

It may interest you to know that one in 3,523,146 persons are still able to view ordered list number five as given above. Half of those will prove able to withstand demonic. An understanding of the message will slowly become apparent to them over the course of approximately one month. If they are wise, they will use it to establish a small evil empire.

The other half of those who are able to see demonic will experience many or all of the following: massive migraines, horrific visions, bleeding eye sockets, paranoia, an insatiable desire to consume human flesh, vomiting, nausea, exploding body parts, death, and undeath.

I regret to inform you that you will be unable to participate in either of these special events without surgical modification. However, for a very small fee, I can perform the afore mentioned modifications. Please contact me for details.

I remain your superior being,