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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We interrupt this programming to bring you statistics.

I've really been a naughty boy as far as this very true and very frightening story has been concerned. I got it half way down and started chasing bunny rabbits (Literally. A good number of them popped out of a drawer in my study one day. I'm not sure how they got there, and I'm sorry that they didn't get there with newspaper underneath them.) and forgot to tell the rest. Now I've been occupied trying to finish my memoirs of my younger years before worldCon comes up in august. The second I have a spare moment, I promise I will finish dragging you back from that nefarious cliff I left you hanging on.

To prove that I haven't been slacking, I'll give you a little status update about how my day went today. This was the first day that I have ever devoted full time to writing. My writing group and Wadsworth pushed me to try it this way instead of wandering around the mansion looking for important memorabilia for 8 hours on a Saturday before giving it an obligatory unproductive hour in the evening. I finally gave in. Here are my statistics for the days work:

My new record for words written in one day: 6247 Words.

Estimated time spent writing today: Between 10 and 11 hours. (also a new record.) (also got the "treat it like a job" achievement)

Words per hour: Between 570 and 625. Not very high, not a new record, but not terrible. Some of my hours had really good productivity. Others I zoned out a bit, and had to fight to focus. I also had to spend a little time thinking about the plot.

Current Book Word Count: 43,560 (what I wrote today accounts for 14% of the existing count or 7% of the estimated final count)

I guess that I’m half-way through the plot, meaning that the book will probably be around 87120 words long. This is probably too long and will need to be cut down to around 75 I think. I need to double check the genre standards.

Assuming 600 words per hour (which seems average for me) this book should take 72 more hours of writing time to finish.

Number of days that I can fully commit to writing before worldCon: 1 maybe 2.

The amount of editing that I’m going to want to do before worldCon, but not do: All of it.

Chance of being able to interested an editor in my book at woldCon and overnight her/him a full manuscript? Zero percent.

How about the first 3 chapters? Good percent.

Amount of nasty sticky residue on my armrests after a day of sweating away in my study. Way too much for comfort. I know, too much info, sorry.

Amount of hope/fear generated by looking at these stats: infinite.

Person who keeps posting stats that make me angry enough to write more: Nathan.

P.S. Nathan has ePublished a book called Paradise Seekers, and it's one of my favorite books. Read it all day one day and finished it. Could barely stop for a potty break. It's 70,000 words for a dollar, the story is great, it's well edited, and it's way better than all of the garbage eBooks that are written in a week to flood the market in get rich quick scams. Also, Nathan's wife Rebecca feeds me frequently when Wadsworth has the day off, so by buying his book you are ensuring my health and happiness. (I may be just a little biased, but you can be too because of your love for me.)
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